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Introduction to Environmental Policy

The core of UniSea Inc.’s Integrated Environmental Management System (IEMS) is our environmental policy. The environmental policy states, in broad terms, the principal environmental commitments of Unisea, Inc. It is approved and signed by our President and has been communicated to all employees through newsletters and employee orientations. The environmental policy is posted on bulletin boards throughout the plant and is available upon request to the public, customers, and authorities. The IEMS coordinator is responsible for ensuring that only the most recent version of the environmental policy is posted and available.

Environmental Policy

UniSea, Inc. is committed to the concepts of sustainable fisheries and environmentally responsible food manufacturing.

UniSea, Inc. supports sustainable fisheries by encouraging active participation in the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council process, diligently using all resources: air, water, energy, and seafood to the fullest extent possible with a minimum of waste. These principles honor the corporate commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability by placing emphasis on resource and water conservation, using integrated management principals, and providing safe and fair working conditions for employees.

UniSea, Inc. operates its manufacturing facilities in a manner that reduces the environmental impact of the facilities and their operations. This includes reducing the use of fresh and salt water, increasing the use of recycled process water, minimizing the generation of solid waste to landfills while maximizing the use of solid waste for recycling, investing in new technology to reduce energy usage, utilizing new packaging technologies to reduce source materials and improve shipping logistics, and measuring the results of environmental performance on a bi-annual basis. Throughout its operations UniSea Inc. is committed to continuous improvement and to lead the way in compliance with all environmental regulatory requirements.

UniSea, Inc. has adopted as part of its mission statement the following values, which reflects the manner in which UniSea, Inc. operates:

  • Respect for people
  • Commitment to quality and service
  • Integrity, discipline, and innovation
  • A spirit of cooperation
  • Support of our communities
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