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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes the information UniSea Inc. (or “UniSea” or “we” or “our” or “us”) collects through the features and services available on our website at the domain (collectively the “Site”). Although UniSea does not collect personal information at this time specific to an individual we may choose to in the future and so this privacy policy will apply towards that potential.

By using our services and viewing this Site, you are consenting to the information collection, use and disclosure practices described in this privacy policy. If you are located outside of the United States please note this Site is hosted on computer servers within the United States. Any personal information collected through this Site may be transferred to the United States and your use of this Site will constitute your consent to the potential transfer of personal information outside of your home country an into the United States. If you have any questions or concerns that are not covered by our privacy policy please contact UniSea Inc.

This site may include links to other websites. We provide these links for convenience to visitors of this site and do not have control over the privacy and operation of linked websites that navigate away from UniSea will not give, trade, rent, or sell any personal identifiable information collected on this site unless legally required by law.

When using our Site certain website use information will be compiled and saved for various reasons, i.e. monitoring Site usage and performance; analyzing Site navigation trends and statistics; improving Site access and personal navigation. The website us information we may collect includes internet service provider, browser type, domain name, IP address, and webpage requests. Our collection of information usually involves the use of “cookies” and may result in the creation and/or update of small removable data files stored on your web browsing device. Please note that most browsers can disable or optionally provide a warning whenever cookies are created and/or updated. Disabling any cookies implemented by this Site may render certain features and services of this Site unusable and/or partially implemented.

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