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Everyday Focus Philosophy

Everyday Focus is the culture and philosophy of UniSea – it is our way of doing business. The elements of Everyday Focus are Safety, Quality, Leadership, Productivity and Cost. These elements inspire us to pursue our purpose with dedication and commitment and are defined as:

  • Safety - the primary priority of UniSea. We make every reasonable effort to create, promote, and maintain a safe and healthful environment.

  • Quality – enthusiastically deliver consistently high quality products, goods, and services to exceed global customer satisfaction.

  • Leadership - at UniSea, leadership begins with you! We lead together through open, honest communication, and being responsible, accountable, approachable, responsive, and enthusiastic, with positive and supportive attitudes.

  • Productivity – ever improving efficiency and consistency through technology, teamwork, and purposeful actions in an effort to reduce waste, maximize resources, increase output, and create a positive and enriching environment.

  • Cost – when sound decisions are made using the first four elements of Everyday Focus and with an awareness of expense and value, cost is favorably impacted.

Everyday Focus enables us to concentrate on these elements in a manner that is consistent, structured, and efficient.

Everyday Focus recognizes that structured group management involving all levels within UniSea is more effective and efficient than a pure top down hierarchical approach to our business. Our structured groups are made up of Task Forces, the Working Committee, and the Steering Committee.

Everyday Focus recognizes that job satisfaction at all levels in the company is highest when each employee has a role in the management of his/her department’s activities, the right tools to do his/her job, clear and realistic goals, and continuous information feedback on his/her progress. The Everyday Focus culture at UniSea enables us to maximize our efficiency, continuously improve, and, thereby, reduce costs. We feel this is vital to maintaining UniSea’s leadership position in the highly competitive seafood processing industry.

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