Sustainable, high-quality seafood delivered with care.

We deliver some of the freshest, highest-quality Alaskan seafood around.
We’re known for making sure our customers consistently receive healthy, fresh fish. It’s our #1 goal and the key to our continued success. That’s why all our seafood is sustainable, traceable, and wild caught in the pristine, icy waters of the Bering Sea.

​Using strict quality control at our state-of-the-art shore-based facility in Dutch Harbor,
we deliver quality you can count on.

Pollock Block

Alaska Pollock is the highest-quality wild whitefish available for value-added seafood products. Harvested from the world’s largest sustainable fishery in the Bering Sea, UniSea’s MSC-certified Genuine Alaska Pollock is traceable from fishing vessel to finished product.

Under strict quality control at our state-of-the-art shore-based facility in Dutch Harbor, we process Alaska Pollock into skinless, boneless fillets that are single-frozen into blocks for use in a wide variety of foods—from breaded fish sticks to battered and fried fillets.


Surimi is one of the most versatile protein products on the market. Because of its capacity to accept added flavoring, it is used in numerous product offerings — from imitation crab, lobster, scallop, and shrimp to seafood sausage. Surimi produced from Genuine Alaska Pollock is known to have the highest quality of flavor, color, and gelling ability.

Pollock Roe

Considered a delicacy in Japan and Korea, Pollock Roe can be enjoyed by itself, added to pastas and salads, or wrapped in rice and seaweed as onigiri.

Our Pollock Roe is harvested from genuine Alaska Pollock caught in the pristine waters of the Bering Sea. Size and quality play a significant role in determining when and where our fleets fish during the Alaska Pollock spawning season from January through April. UniSea’s well-trained crew handles and evaluates every skein, separating the Roe into grades based on size, shape, color, and overall quality.

Our Pollock Roe is carefully packed to maintain its integrity.

Pacific Cod

Pacific Cod flourish in the cold waters of the Bering Sea. The mild flavor and delicate texture of this wild Alaskan whitefish make it a popular choice for Fish and Chips.

UniSea processes MSC-certified Pacific Cod into a variety of product forms. We specialize in producing shatter pack fillets, allowing individual, single-frozen fillets to be separated without thawing.

Alaskan Crab

UniSea is a pioneer in the Alaskan crab industry, using pots to harvest Red King, Golden King, Opilio, and Bairdi Crabs directly from the Bering Sea.

Harvested crabs arrive live at our shore-based processing plant in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, where we manually separate them into sections and remove the viscera and gills. Clean clusters consisting of one side of legs and a claw attached at the shoulder are packed into perforated stainless-steel pans, cooked, cooled, brine-frozen, glazed, packed into poly-lined cardboard boxes, and stored frozen before shipment.

UniSea’s wild Alaskan Crab is natural, sustainable, and fully traceable.

Fish meal, bone meal, & fish oil

We believe in fully utilizing harvested resources. After initial processing, we send any remaining raw material to our rendering plant to produce fish meal, bone meal, and fish oil.

While fish meal and bone meal are used to produce aquaculture feed, animal feed, and fertilizer, fish oil is used as fuel in our very own production process. In fact, a substantial percentage of the total fuel we burn in Dutch Harbor comes from the fish oil we produce. We use it for heat, to create power in our onsite power plant facility, and to fuel the extraction process in the meal plant.

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